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Officer Joe Danna is ready to help the residents of Harris County Precinct One have #SafeNeighborhoods. He a hard working man who is a proud 2nd generation of the Danna Family of Precinct One. And I’m proud to be part of #TeamDanna!
If you are an automobile dealer, I cannot express just how hard Joe worked on helping to bring the Curbstoning Problem under control in Precinct One. Insiders will tell you that there is probably no person within the Constable Agency that knows more and has more experience in dealing with violations related to unlawful and unlicensed dealer activity. Many of you may recognize Joe as he has attended numerous HIADA Meetings. Knowing Joe, I can personally attest that he is dedicated and righteous. In other words, I am vouching for Joe as being the right candidate.
Gerald James


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Being the oldest brother in our family of twelve, I can tell you that Joe has stepped up to the plate in many instances, to go beyond “The call of duty”, to help and assist our family.

He also ensured that our mother lived a life, filled with pride and dignity. It’s no wonder Joe has chosen to make a career of working to protect the community – it’s a reflection of his life!

Upholding a reputation of being dependable, reliable and dedicated, these same qualities have been apparent during his twenty years of being on the police force.

When you vote for the next person to provide protection for YOUR neighbors and family, remember to choose the candidate that has proven himself as one who has EARNED that position!

If you want to see an honest person as your next Constable for PCT 1, join me in supporting Joe!

Bernadette Danna-Elkins
I first met Joe when as a newlywed I moved to Houston with my husband. I went to work for Joe at his business and went on to meet his sweet wife, Donna and his two daughters. Joe and his wife treated us like family and celebrated with us at the births of our two children. Never have I met a man like Joe Danna. He has such integrity and an honest approach to life that is so rare. The patience that comes so natural to him, I found so astounding. In the years that I worked for him I never remember him losing his temper, rather he found a way to solve the problem not wasting time on words but focusing on action. When the situation called for learning something new to forward his business he jumped right in and taught himself what he needed to know. Joe is a very good man, a self taught man, a dedicated man. When he first went into law enforcement from the private sector years ago we talked on the phone. He told me that he was so happy to be doing something that made him feel like he was making people safer and making the world a better place. I can think of no finer man to serve as Precinct One Constable and only wish he were running for President of this United States. They don’t come any finer and thank God he wants to give his time and energy to this office.
Debbie Cheney
 It is a privilege of being associated with you, especially during this important campaign.  I know you as a man of God, a man of honor.
Michael Mann
Joe is an awesome officer and a great administrator. His attention to detail leaves nothing to the imagination. Good Luck, Cuz!
Officer Joe P. Danna
I may not be a Republican, but, Joe Danna’s GOT MY VOTE!!!! He’s the right man for the job, a man of morals, integrity and high standards. He’s set perfect examples of how a husband/father/son should take care of his family. Please let me know if there is anything that we can do to help in the campaign!
Stephanie Adams
I highly endorse Joe Danna.
Fred T Blanton
Joe has a great work ethic and a big love for his community. He is a proven leader with experience, determination and a genuine personality. Looking forward to seeing him as Constable Pct. 1 !!
Alex R.
Here is a Hard Working, dedicated officer who not only thinks of himself but goes beyond; and wants to be someone with a voice in our community. Let’s stand behind Joe Danna and make our COMMUNITY better!!
I believe in Joe…
I support Joe
& My vote goes to Joe Danna.
Yours should too!!
Joe Navarro
Congrats and I am praying for you to be the next Constable at Pct.1. It was always my hope that Pct.1 would have true leadership, with morals, ethics, care and concern for the community. You have always been an outstanding example of all of those qualities. I will never forget the many times that you have unselfishly given your time, friendship and listening ear, even at some of my worst moments. If you need anything let me know… It would be my honor to be able to do something for you. Congrats Joe!
Kelly Bates
To All Graduates of (Houston) Sam Houston Senior High School, regardless of the class year:

I no longer live in Houston, or Harris County, and haven’t in over 40 years. That said, it doesn’t mean that I don’t keep an ear to the ground about the goings on there: especially in the North Houston / North Harris County area, as Donna and I both have family still residing in that area. If you live in Harris County PCT 1, you will want to know that one of our own; Joe Danna, SHSHS Class of 1970 is running for Constable Pct 1 and is greatly deserving of your support.

I am not going to lie to anyone and claim that Joe and I have maintained our childhood friendship over all these many years; we haven’t.  As most childhood friends end up going their separate ways … so did we. However,  as soon as I learned that he was running for office I wanted to step forward and speak on his behalf. Why? Because when we were growing up on Kelley Street in the Lindale Park addition he was one of, if not THE, nicest, kindest and most sincere of the many kids that grew up in that neighborhood.

Since I firmly believe that the values that most people live by are soundly in place by the time that they are 10 or 12 years old; I am confident that Joe has continued to exhibit those traits that made him a standout  in our neighborhood.  I think it is time that he bring his many talents and deep values into a position of leadership to the broader community, for the benefit of all who reside in Harris County in general, and Pct 1 in particular. Please don’t just take my word for though; use this link to check out his campaign website: http://dannaforconstable.com/   I invite you to ask anyone that you think might know Joe Danna what they think about him (law enforcement officers, members of Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Community, etc.) , as I am pretty sure that you will be impressed with their reply … assuming they actually know him.

Many of us are sickened by the way things seem to happen within political circles, at all levels, and for a very good reason. Here is the chance to put someone in place that I believe will rise above all of that. If you have been aware of some of the things that have happened in the past in the office that he is seeking, I am sure that you know what I mean.  It is time for a positive change, and I will just leave it at that.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and please consider supporting Joe Danna in his quest to become the next Constable of Harris County PCT 1.

Stephen Rogers
Bellville, Texas

Stephen Rogers