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Danna, however, contends that he will be gaining better steam against Rosen and said the incumbent Constable isn’t qualified for the position, pointing to Rosen’s beginnings as a reserve deputy. Danna also said that he had only campaigned for three months in the time leading up to the last election for Precinct One, leaving a far shorter amount of time to reach out to voters.

“I started this campaign the day after the election,” Danna said.

Among his qualifications, Danna has worked in the area for over 20 years and managed Texas Department of Transportation grants for the Selective Traffic Enforcement Programs, has worked with the FBI, Harris County Sheriff’s Office and other entities in Precinct One and was chosen by local sports organizations like the Houston Texans to provide police motorcycle escorts.

“The Precinct One Constable’s Office needs what I’ve been doing for nearly 20 years,” Danna said. “That’s working with the community and making a huge difference there.”

Danna said fighting crime is the most important issue in the precinct, but that he would also work to raise the morale of deputies which he said needs to be turned around. He is also in favor of changing some of the hiring practices to focus more on a deputy’s ability to deter crime in the field and assist with residents and one-one-one interactions with superiors.

“Crime needs to be dealt with but employees need to know where they stand when they’re working in Precinct One,” Danna said.

Danna said the Constable’s Office needs better communication with the neighborhoods and would create a Citizens Advisory Commitee consisting of property owners, business leaders and others in the area which would meet with deputies on a quarterly basis to find out where their needs are. He also wants to create a plain clothes anti-gang task force and utilize social media more heavily.

“I want to see families walking up and down the streets everywhere in Precinct One,” Danna said. “We need to get back to using common sense to fight crime and it’s real difficult to manage a law enforcement agency without it.”